QUICK GPS Tracking Device


The quickest most advanced tracking device yet.

We engineered QUICK to include the latest GPS Technology. We armed QUICK with the lightning fast ARM 7 Mobile Processor and equipped it with an enhanced Internal GPS/GSM Antenna. Insert our custom Optimized GPS Chipset and you have the most responsive and reliable device in the marketplace today.

Device Details

Chassis Tiny
Processor Advanced
Antenna Enhanced
Starter Interrupt Yes
Concealable Very
Install Ability Easy
Features Advanced
Tracking Enhanced
Mapping Advanced
Dimensions 1.8" x 2.2" x 0.8"

Technology that makes our QUICK device the best in the industry.

QUICK Reception
Competitor's Reception
QUICK transmits in garages
QUICK enhanced antenna

The innovative approach to solving our problems plus industry leading customer service are reasons we value our relationship with CallPass. They work hard to understand our business and have provided valued solutions to accommodate our needs. They are great business partners!”

— Jeff Tindel, Director of Originations- Bonfire Capital Group