Fequently Asked Questions

iGotcha GPS F.A.Q.

Yes. GSM technology allows The GPS Tracking Device to work anywhere in North America and other countries. We currently have devices working in Central and South America.

The GPS device comes with a 1 year warranty. Please read the CallPass Tech limited warranty information sheet.

Yes. Tracking is unlimited allowing you to utilize the service as often as necessary to track your vehicles in the event of delinquency or nonpayment.

No. There is no activation or monthly fees for 1 year. Following the one year anniversary, you can renew the GPS airtime at prevailing market rate.

Because of size, the device can be easily hidden in most areas within the vehicle. The unit only needs a constant power 12V DV supply from your vehicle along with a ground connection. Ideal locations are under the dash/near steering column, above the glove box area, center console (above gauge cluster).

You can contact CallPass Tech Support at 877‐324‐0999 ext. 1444 to connect to a live operator that will assist your needs.

Yes. There is the snail trail option on the right side of the dashboard application which allows you to set and view locations by date and date ranges. You can set the ranges as far back as your initial install date.

CallPass runs diagnostic tests on your unit every 24 hours to ensure it is working properly. If we detect something is wrong you will be notified through an Alert, which we send to the Messages Tab of your Dealer Interface. If you are receiving any type of error message using the dealer interface simply call our support line.

All installation and wiring documents are housed in the Support Tab of the Dealer Interface. Once you are logged in you will have access to these documents. Also, every device comes with its own set of instructions so you'll always have the information you need.

Once you install a device and see the Blinking Green Light Only and an Install Date next to your device ID # within your device inventory. When the Install Date is registered simply fill out the details of your vehicle and hit ACTIVATE to move to Live Devices.

Starter Interrupt, Hard Wire, and OBDII that will allow you to "Plug N Play." For specific wiring instructions, please contact your Sales Rep. or CallPass Tech Support at 877‐324‐0999 ext. 1444

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The innovative approach to solving our problems plus industry leading customer service are reasons we value our relationship with CallPass. They work hard to understand our business and have provided valued solutions to accommodate our needs. They are great business partners!”

— Jeff Tindel, Director of Originations- Bonfire Capital Group